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PDF SDK For Education Mark Up & Collaborate on Assignments

Add powerful and user-friendly document management, displaying, and editing to your application with real-time feedback capabilities.


Add Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

In-Class Discussions

Create focused discussions within a document in real time among students and teachers.

Effective Learning

Provide a better learning experience by dynamically revealing and hiding answers.

Annotations Syncing

Enable multiple users to simultaneously mark up workbooks and other assignments.


Enable Your App to Handle It All

Document Editing

Let users easily organize their documents into folders, merge documents, or add pages.

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Information Retrieval

Empower users to quickly locate relevant documents via rapid search.

Assignment Grading

Enable teachers to grade assignments or marked up worksheets submitted by students.

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Document Protection

Control which actions are possible on a document by enabling or disabling document permissions.

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WCAG-Compliant HTML Rendering

Enjoy accessible, WCAG-friendly PDF viewing, enhancing the web experience for everyone, notably those with disabilities.

Key Benefits

Flexible Interface and Configurations for More Control

Classroom-Focused Document Interaction

Create a true chalkboard experience with user-specific controls for who can view and who can edit.

Comprehensive Document Control

Manage and protect documents with user-specific permissions and PDF encryption.

Customized Project Workflows

Build effective learning toolsets with reusable comments, stamps, and image annotations.



Support requests are handled directly by the engineers who built the product. Whether you have questions about getting started or want to know how to best integrate new SDK features into your app, we’re here to help you find a solution.


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