Extract text from annotations and retrieve the current cursor position in the text

Q: Is it possible to extract the text from annotations and forms while it’s being written and retrieve the current cursor position in the text?

A: Retrieve the div[contenteditable] for text annotations like what’s shown in this example:

  container: "#container",

  document: "./assets/example.pdf",

  licenseKey: ""
}).then(async instance => {
    function(event) {
      if (
        event.target === instance.contentDocument.activeElement &&
      ) {
        const element = event.target;
        setTimeout(() => (element.innerText = "x" + element.innerText));
    { capture: true }

Then implement a custom selectionStart and selectionEnd.

The above code includes a highly simplified case where an x character is being prepended on each keystroke, but with some DOM manipulation, you’ll be able to get it work on other positions of the cursor.