Generate Blank PDFs in React Native

PSPDFKit for React Native enables you to generate a blank PDF document. You can provide configuration options and a name or a local path for the new PDF document.

To generate a blank PDF, use the Processor class:

// Define your configuration.
const configuration = {
    width: 595,
    height: 842,
    override: true // Delete the existing file with the same name.

const { fileURL } = await Processor.generateBlankPDF(configuration);

// Do something with the new file by accessing it from a `fileURL` path.

In this example, you define the size of the PDF document with the width and height parameters, and the name of the PDF file with the name parameter. The blank document is saved in the local Documents folder. You then use the override parameter to overwrite the file with the same name if it already exists in the Documents folder.

To specify a different path, use the filePath parameter. In this case, any value provided for the name parameter is ignored.

See the list of configuration options you can use with Processor.