C# .NET PDF Library

PSPDFKit GdPicture.NET Library is an SDK for OCR, data extraction, editing, converting, generating PDFs, barcodes, scanning, and much more. It offers developers a rich API for quickly adding PDF, imaging, and intelligent data processing capabilities to any .NET application.

Latest Release: PSPDFKit Library for .NET: Deprecation, Sunsetting, and Replacement Read more


As of 17 August 2022, we’re sunsetting PSPDFKit Library for .NET and replacing it with PSPDFKit GdPicture.NET Library. For more information, see our blog announcement.

Key Capabilities

Low-Level APIs

For fine-grained control

High Fidelity

Accurate, reliable document conversion and OCR

Prebuilt Features

Convert, edit, sign, form fill, and more

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