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PSPDFKit for Web 2021.3: Electronic Signatures

We’re excited to announce the release of PSPDFKit for Web 2021.3, which features a powerful new component for adding electronic signatures to a document, as well as a new document loading progress indicator for Standalone deployments.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

PSPDFKit for Web now offers a component that allows you to offer a variety of input methods to your users to add visual electronic signatures to documents.

Users will be able to add a signature by drawing, picking a local JPG or PNG image, or typing text and selecting between a set of available fonts.

To learn more about this component, please read the announcement blog post.


The same fluid experience of drawing ink annotations is available for generating electronic signatures. This is ideal when using a pen or touch-enabled desktop computer, or when using the touchscreen of a mobile device.


Nowadays, it’s not unlikely that users have an image of their signature somewhere on their local device ready to be used when needed. The image signature creation mode allows users to drag and drop any image file and use it as a signature. They also have the option of opening a file picker and browsing their file system from there.


Drawing signatures is inconvenient for certain users that use their desktop devices and need to rely on a keyboard and mouse. For them, being able to type their name and preview certain available ready-to-use styles can be a preferred solution.

PSPDFKit for Web now ships with a customizable solution for this. You can rely on four built-in fonts, bring your own fonts, or select a subset of them.

Once confirmed, an image signature is generated from the typed text.

Support for Storing Image Signatures

PSPDFKit for Web now offers a highly flexible and customizable signature storage mechanism. You can implement any storage mechanism and add both image and ink signatures to allow users to quickly pick from their previously used ones.

Document Loading Progress Indicator UI

Document loading progress indicator UI

For Standalone deployments of PSPDFKit for Web, in which documents are fetched in their entirety before the viewer can display their content, we now show a loading progress indicator for a better user experience and load time perception for the end user.

ARM Support


Beginning with this release, our Server-backed offering of PSPDFKit for Web now has full support for ARM64-based processors.

For instance, you can now run our product in AWS Graviton-based instances, which offer a superior price-to-performance ratio compared to EC2 instance types.

And More

This release also includes numerous bug fixes and minor improvements. For a complete list of changes, see the PSPDFKit for Web 2021.3 and PSPDFKit Server 2021.3 changelogs, as well as the migration guides for PSPDFKit for Web 2021.3 and PSPDFKit Server 2021.3.

Please email us at if you’re interested in working with Electronic Signatures. We’d love to hear about your use case and discuss how to best implement it.

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