Document with multiple Instant comments Document with multiple Instant comments
Instant PDF Comments

Start a Discussion with Real-Time Collaboration

Collaboration means discussion, and Instant Comments is the easiest way to discuss PDF documents in real time.

How It Works

Instant + Comments

Built on top of our PSPDFKit Instant technology stack, Instant Comments is the drop-in solution for adding real-time document discussions to PSPDFKit for Web.

Key Benefits

Real-Time Document Discussions

Quick and Conflict-Free

Only updates to comments are propagated to devices, and conflicts are resolved server-side.

Real-Time Collaboration

Easy-to-follow linear comment threads that are updated in real time.

Works Offline

Updates are saved locally and uploaded the next time the device is online.


An Instant Back-and-Forth

Faster and simpler collaboration workflows are what PSPDFKit Instant was created for, and Instant Comments is the ideal tool for document-centric communication.


What You Need

PSPDFKit Server

PSPDFKit Instant deploys within your existing infrastructure — you retain complete control over your data.

PSPDFKit Instant

Using industry-standard JWTs allows for easy integration with your existing authentication system.

A Docker Environment

Sync document edits, text highlights, and annotations across iOS and web devices in real time.

Documentation Learn how to easily get Instant Comments up and running in your project.
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