Use OCR to Unlock Inaccessible Text

Our OCR processor enhances raster and vector PDFs to give you interactive text, unlocking the full suite of PDF tools available.

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How It Works

Run OCR on Your Document in Three Easy Steps
Imported document
Import a document you need processed.
OCR processed document
Pass the document to OCR, which enhances it to have machine-readable real text objects.
Document with annotated text
Select, search, annotate, and extract text from the document.


Working with Documents
Just Got Easier

Improved Accessibility

Bridge the gap between screen readers and scanned PDFs. Ensure that all the text in your PDF documents is machine readable by running them through our OCR processor.

Improved Accessibility

Powerful Annotations

Select text and use PDF-supported tools for highlighting, underlining, and striking through text. Add notes and threaded comments to communicate important information.

Powerful Annotations


Replace manual data extraction with our OCR processor to automate and speed up your digitization efforts.


There’s More!

Search Enables search
Languages Supports 21 languages
Text Extraction Facilitates text extraction

PSPDFKit Components

Do More with PDFs

Enable your users to do more when you combine our OCR processor with our other components.

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View and navigate through documents in multiple ways.

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Collaborate on PDFs with multiple markup tools.

Indexed Search icon Redaction icon


Accurately mark up and permanently remove sensitive information.

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Easily have a conversation on specific aspects of a document.

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Reader View

Make complex PDFs accessible with an easy-to-read layout.

OCR Documentation

Learn how to get up and running supporting OCR in your project.

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