Using the NuGet Package

The typical way of adding the PSPDFKit SDK to your project is to install the PSPDFKit for Windows Visual Studio Extension (VSIX) provided in the SDK zip file and then add a reference to your project.

However, for some development environments, installing a systemwide SDK is undesirable or impractical — for example, when building your app in a CI environment.

For these types of situations, you can use the provided NuGet package instead of the VSIX.

Configure the NuGet Package Source

Rather than targeting a package held at, you will have to set up a configuration to point to a local package.

To do this, first you will need to create a file, nuget.config, in the same directory as your solution file, if it is not already present (e.g. BasicExample.sln).

The contents of the file should contain XML describing where to find NuGet packages. If the file already exists, add the extra packageSources entry shown below. If the file is blank, copy and paste the entirety of the following contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
       <add key="PSPDFKitSource" value="path\to\directoryContainingNupkg" />

Edit the value of the contents to correctly refer to the location of the directory containing the PSPDFKitUWP.*.*.*.nupkg package — for example, C:\Users\me\nugetPackages\. Now save the file, and close and reopen your solution for Visual Studio to force a read of the NuGet configuration.

Adding to the Solution

Open your app’s solution, and in the Solution Explorer, right-click on References and click on the menu item Manage NuGet Packages... This will open the NuGet Package Manager for your solution.

On the right-hand side of the manager in the Package source drop-down window, choose the entry PSPDFKitSource (or whatever you decided to name it). You should then see the entry for PSPDFKitUWP by PSPDFKit GmbH.

On the right side, in the panel describing the package, click on the Install button to install the package.

Once that is complete, you will see a reference to the package in the Solution Explorer under References.

Note that after adding the reference to the package in this manner and then building your solution from the command line with msbuild, the switch /t:restore can be used to restore the package from the source.

Consult the Microsoft documentation for NuGet configuration for more information about what kind of sources you can specify.