Detailed Feature Breakdown

To find out which browser versions are supported by which versions of PSPDFKit, please see the following page.

PDF Viewing/Rasterization/Printing

  • Support for PDF 1.0 – PDF 1.7 (PDF Revision 1.8, Acrobat 9) and ISO PDF (ISO 32000)

  • Support for all compression filters: JPEG/JPEG2000, JBIG2, CCITT Fax, and Flate/PNG

  • Rasterize the whole page or subsets thereof

  • Printing using built-in browser functionality

  • Full transparency support (transparency groups, soft masks, all supported blend modes)

  • Limited ability to work with corrupted PDF documents (e.g. broken cross references)

Content Extraction

  • Document text is parsed and can be extracted as Unicode.

  • Horizontal text can be selected unless it’s an image or it consists of pure path vector data.

PDF Metadata

  • PDF page label data is exposed as strings.

  • PDF actions are exposed as action class clusters.

  • PDF annotations are exposed as regular objects.

  • PDF form elements are exposed as regular objects/trees.

All of these objects can be programmatically created or modified. PSPDFKit can save annotations back into the PDF (if that component is licensed) and fill out forms.

Image Documents and Word Files

In addition to being a powerful PDF viewer and SDK, PSPDFKit for Web can open both images in JPEG and PNG formats (for both Standalone and Server-backed deployments) and Word files (for Server-backed deployments only).


  • Respecting document permissions (e.g. disable printing or text selection)