PDF Actions

A PDF action is similar to a web hyperlink, but it’s much more flexible. PSPDFKit for Web implements common actions as defined in Adobe’s PDF Reference (page 417ff).

Action PSPDFKit Class Use Case
GoTo GoToAction Go to a destination (page) in the current document.
URI URIAction Resolve a Uniform Resource Identifier (web link).
SubmitForm SubmitFormAction Send data to a Uniform Resource Locator.
ResetForm ResetFormAction Set fields to their default values.


A GoTo action can define a different pageIndex in the same document. Clicking on it updates the scroll position to make the page visible, but it doesn’t update the zoom level.


A URI action contains a URI. When executing this annotation, PSPDFKit uses window.open to create a new browser tab, which also clears the opener as a security measurement to avoid allowing the target page to have access to your PDF state:

let newWindow = window.open(action.uri, "_blank");
newWindow.opener = null;
var newWindow = window.open(action.uri, "_blank");
newWindow.opener = null;

You can learn more about the security problems when using _blank in this article from JitBit.

Please refer to an individual browser’s documentation for a list of supported URI protocols. The most used protocols (http, https, and mailto) are supported in all major browsers.