Search Presets

The following list describes the search patterns accepted by PSPDFKit Server in redaction creation and search APIs when the preset strategy is used:

  • credit-card-number — matches a number with 13 to 19 digits that begins with 1–6. Spaces and - are allowed anywhere in the number.

  • date — matches date formats such as mm/dd/yyyy, mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yyyy, and dd/mm/yy. It rejects any days greater than 31 or months greater than 12 and accepts a leading 0 in front of a single-digit day or month. The delimiter can be -, ., or /.

  • email-address — matches an email address as defined here.

  • international-phone-number — matches international phone numbers. The number can have 7 to 15 digits with spaces or - occurring anywhere within the number, and it must have prefix of + or 00.

  • ipv4 — matches an IPv4 address with an optional mask at the end.

  • ipv6 — matches a full and compressed IPv6 address as defined in RFC 2373.

  • mac-address — matches a MAC address with either - or : as a delimiter.

  • north-american-phone-number — matches North American-style phone numbers. NANPA standardization is used with international support.

  • social-security-number — matches a valid social security number. Expects the format of XXX-XX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXX, with X denoting digits.

  • time — matches time formats such as 00:00:00, 00:00, and 00:00 PM. 12- and 24-hour formats are allowed. Seconds and AM/PM denotation are both optional.

  • url — matches a URL with a prefix of http or https, with an optional subdomain.

  • us-zip-code — matches a USA-style zip code. The format expected is XXXXX or XXXXX-XXXX, where the delimiter can either be - or /.

  • vin — matches US and ISO Standard 3779 VINs. The format expects 17 characters, with the last 5 characters being numeric. I, i, O, o ,Q, q, and _ characters are not allowed.