The PDF Generation feature allows you to design a PDF from scratch. It makes use of technologies such as HTML and CSS to enable highly flexible designs and context-customized PDFs for your users.

If you’d like to learn how to design a PDF, then the Creating a PDF from Scratch guide takes you through the process step by step, introducing fundamentals of the PDF Generation feature, such as designing your HTML, CSS, layout, and font selection.

The PDF Generation Schema guide details how you can control aspects of the document layout and the method of passing your HTML file and any assets that are required.

To take a deeper dive into custom context design, the Variable Data guides show how it’s possible to use an HTML template and inject data at runtime to create a highly customized design. The data may be pulled from an internal or external source, and this can prove useful when you want to create personalized PDFs with names and dates, variable list items, or advanced context-specific graphics. Choose your language-specific guide below:

Navigate to the following guides for more advanced topics: