API Overview

PSPDFKit Server provides an HTTP-based API for integrating with your existing backend. It allows you to:

  • Add documents by either uploading them or specifying URLs where the documents can be fetched from
  • Efficiently copy a previously added document, usually with the intention to share it with a different set of users
  • Delete documents
  • Fetch, create, update and delete annotations in a particular document

Requests to this API are protected with a secret token configurable via the API_AUTH_TOKEN variable.

Because this API allows full access to all data stored on the server, it is only meant to be used by your backend services which we assume are fully trusted. When e.g. connecting PSPDFKit for iOS to PSPDFKit Server you must create document-scoped JWT tokens that can be handed out to users.

In development it is often convenient to use the dashboard to manage documents.