Mobile Office Conversion

Our Android and iOS SDKs allow you to use your running PSPDFKit Processor instance to convert Office documents to PDFs. This works by our mobile SDKs uploading Office documents to a conversion endpoint that’s exposed by PSPDFKit Processor. This is different from the main POST /process API and requires different authentication. Keep in mind that this API can only be used if you have JWT-based authentication set up; it won’t be enabled when no authentication is set up or when only API token authentication is enabled.

The API uses the JSON Web Token (JWT) format for authentication. Keep the following in mind when generating a token for mobile conversion:

  • It has to include the standard claim "exp", which sets the deadline for the validity of the token. This needs to be a non-negative number using the Unix “Seconds Since the Epoch” timestamp format.

  • It has to include the custom "sha256" claim containing the SHA-256 hash of the Office file you’re planning to convert. This is used so that each token is only able to convert a single document.

  • It has to be signed using an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm. PSPDFKit Processor supports the algorithms RS256, RS512, ES256, and ES512. See RFC 7518 for details about specific algorithms.