Where to Go from Here

At this point, you are ready to start integrating PSPDFKit into your app. Here are a few pointers on where to go from here:

  • Take a look at our examples. The release DMG comes with a PSPDFCatalog project containing many examples demonstrating various features of PSPDFKit.

  • Take a look at our detailed feature breakdown. This iOS guide (most of which applies to macOS as well) provides a great overview of all the features and capabilities offered by PSPDFKit for macOS.

  • Take a look at our Annotations guide. Annotations are an important part of PDFs. Our Annotations guide introduces you to the rich Annotation APIs provided by PSPDFKit.

  • Browse our API reference. When working with the extensive PSPDFKit APIs, you will often need to access the documentation, the latest of which is available online. We recommend using Dash for comfortable offline access to our API reference.

  • Learn how to migrate from Apple’s PDFKit. If you are currently using Apple’s PDFKit or have previous experience with it, we’ve prepared an extensive migration guide for you.

  • Learn more about the PDF format. The book Developing with PDF by Leonard Rosenthol is a great resource for learning more about the internals of the PDF format in general.

  • Subscribe to our blog. We frequently publish technical articles on our blog. This is a great resource for staying up to date and learning more about various aspects of PSPDFKit.

Let Us Know

We are currently in the process of defining the roadmap for PSPDFKit for macOS. Deciding on what is most important and what to tackle next is particularly challenging for a desktop version, where the overall market is much smaller, yet the number of possible use cases is much larger.

Therefore, we are eager to hear your feedback, suggestions, and ideas, which will help shape the future of PSPDFKit for macOS and the rest of the family. This in turn will enable you to deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

Please get in touch.