Inconsistent (Different) Fonts than Expected

If your PDF document has embedded fonts, any viewer on any device should render them as expected. A PDF Viewer will replace a font if the document does not have it embedded and if it is not available on that device.

Here's how determine if your PDF document has embedded fonts:

  • Open the PDF document in Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Reader (free and available on all platforms)

  • Go to the "File..." menu and select "Properties…" or use the ⌘+D keyboard shortcut

Acrobat Properties
  • Click on the "Fonts" tab
Acrobat Properties - Fonts

You may see "Embedded Subset" (like in the example above) or just "Embedded". If a subset of a font is embedded, this means that only the characters used in that particular document are embedded.

Most PDF authoring apps like Acrobat Pro support embedding fonts in a PDF document. Make sure you embed the fonts, so your document looks as expected across devices and readers.