React Native (Facebook)

React Native PDF SDK

React Native enables you to build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React.

PSPDFKit as React Native PDF SDK

PSPDFKit is available as a native module and as a native UI component on GitHub. You can find an introduction to the module in our blog and an update for the native UI component in a follow-up blog post (iOS).

PSPDFKit supports React Native for iOS, Android and Windows UWP.

For build and usage instructions please take a look at the README in the repository. We also provide a sample app called Catalog.

The React Native module is open source, so you can customize it yourself and even send in pull requests.

See here for an overview over all React Native blog post.

Using Expo

Expo is a free and open source toolchain built around React Native to help you build native iOS and Android projects using JavaScript and React. PSPDFKit is a native component and requires ejecting/detaching for successful integration.

Read up on Detaching to ExpoKit to learn how to detach your project. Expo provides ExpoKit for these situations which allows you to keep much of the Expo functionality.