Radars: Most Wanted

At PSPDFKit, we always try to make our products feel at home on every platform, and we work really hard to make PSPDFKit for iOS look and feel the way it would if it were an app that came with iOS itself. Everyone on the iOS team loves the iOS platform and is dedicated to bringing value to it. Because of that, we also deeply believe in filing Radars (Apple‘s bug reporting tool) for issues we encounter, instead of just working around them, as we want the entire ecosystem to grow and improve over time.

In the past, we wrote a blog post about how to write good bug reports, and we have filed many Radars ourselves; some of them are published in our Radars repository on GitHub. The golden rule at Apple is: If there is no Radar, there is no issue. As such, it is crucial to file Radars for everything you want to be improved or fixed. The more Radars are filed for the same issue, the more likely it is that this issue is taken care of.

Below you will find a short list featuring some of the Radars we have written. We are highlighting these ones in particular because we believe they would most help PSPDFKit and other developers in building better products. If you find any of these ideas useful or want the bugs fixed as well, you can duplicate our Radars at bugreporter.apple.com by logging in to your developer account and filing your own version of the issue, or by simply copying our Radar. It is even easier to duplicate Radars with a tool like brisk.

Title rdar
UICollectionView should provide a way to derive the visible bounds from a containing scroll view rdar://33316167 Open Radar
FaceID awareness API should be public rdar://35718795 Open Radar
UIDocumentBrowserViewController does not work in the iPhone Simulator rdar://36129851 Open Radar
UIDocumentBrowserViewController can crash, leaving the app in a “white screen of death.” rdar://36174002 Open Radar
UIDocumentBrowserViewController needs a way to request folder scope rdar://36129256 Open Radar