Using Carthage

PSPDFKit is available via Carthage. If you're new to Carthage, check out their documentation first.


  • Please don't follow our manual integration guide if you're using Carthage. Do not use or other scripts, they are not necessary when using Carthage and will prevent your project from working.
  • Please make sure that you have Carthage version >= 0.19 installed. You can check your Carthage version with carthage version.
  • Nightly builds are currently not supported in Carthage.

PSPDFKit is a commercial framework, as such you get a unique Carthage URL that is specific to your license or trial. As a customer you can find your Carthage URL in our customer portal by choosing the "Use Carthage" tab when downloading PSPDFKit. If you are currently evaluating PSPDFKit, you first need a trial license by using the "Try Now" button on our website. Follow the instructions in the email to get the URL specific to your trial. To purchase a license, please contact our sales team.

Here's what you have to add to your Cartfile (Carthage URLs use the same secret key as CocoaPods):

Use version compatible to:

binary "" ~> 6.4

Using the above Carthage will download a PSPDFKit version compatible with 6.4. Compatibility is determined according to Semantic Versioning. This means that any version greater than or equal to 6.4, but less than 7.0, will be considered compatible with 6.4.

Use specific version:

binary "" == 6.4.0

Using the above Carthage will download PSPDFKit version 6.4.0.

Use latest version:

binary "" >= 6.4

Using the above Carthage will download the latest PSPDFKit version.

Follow the instructions in the Carthage documentation to finish the integration.

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