If you set up your podfile to use the latest release URL, then all you need to do is issue pod update. If you used a pinned version URL instead, first update the URL to the desired version and then run pod update.

Dynamic Framework

In most cases, all you need to do to upgrade a manual PSPDFKit integration is to replace the PSPDFKit.framework and PSPDFKitUI.framework files in your project’s references. Simply copy the new PSPDFKit.framework and PSPDFKitUI.framework files to the disk location of your existing PSPDFKit.framework and PSPDFKitUI.framework files and replace them when prompted.

API Changes

After an upgrade, you might see new warnings or build errors due to PSPDFKit API changes. Commonly used APIs are normally deprecated before being changed — we annotate these methods with @Deprecated and provide a migration strategy. We recommend that you upgrade deprecated APIs as soon as possible, as APIs that are less commonly used may be changed without prior notice and this might lead to build failures on your side. If that happens, please consult the changelog for details on how to resolve the issue.