Changing an Image Used in PSPDFKit

Of course you can always open up the PSPDFKit.bundle and replace files there, but it’s not the recommended way, and it’s hard to make sure you update this for each and every update we release.

The better way is to register a custom handler via imageLoadingHandler on the PSPDFKitGlobal object. This takes a block, gives you the image name and allows you to return a custom image. If you return nothing, the default PSPDFKit image will be used. It’s best to set this block in the AppDelegate or before any UIViewController is on screen. Images are cached, so a late change will not do anything.

Asset Catalog

PSPDFKit 7 adds vector images and support for asset catalogs. These images are located in PSDPDFKitUI.framework/ from PSDPDFKitUI.xcframework. You can use a tool like Asset Catalog Tinkerer to browse it.