Multimedia Annotations

Multimedia Annotations

Next to RichMedia/Video annotations, PSPDFKit supports a custom format to display multimedia/gallery annotations, which can be created with Adobe Acrobat or PDFpen.) Create a URL annotation and use pspdfkit:// as the URL scheme instead of HTTP. The system will auto-detect the correct endpoint. Supported are:

  • Video (m3u8, mov, avi, mpg, m4v — formats that are supported by iOS). Both local and remote content is supported.
  • YouTube (e.g. pspdfkit://
  • Audio (mp3, m4a, mp4)
  • Images (jpg, jpeg, png, (animated) gif, tiff, tif, bmp, bmpf, cur, xmb)
  • Inline Web Pages
  • Modal Web Pages (e.g. pspdfkit://[modal:YES,size:500x500] Size is optional and only honored on iPad. The Inline Web Browser can also be enabled with changing linkAction in PSPDFConfiguration.
  • Any custom UIView with using the delegate methods.

For example, pspdfkit:// will show the Apple HTTP Live streaming test page. There are delegate methods if you need more control (like manually setting autoplay, or adding custom annotations).

Note: The %5B and %5D are URL encodings for [ and ].

If you want to display local files, use pspdfkit://localhost/file.xy. The path is automatically set to the same path as the displayed PDF. Supported folders include Bundle, Documents and Cache, but you can easily extend that to support custom folders.

For an overlook of all video annotation options have a look at the section "Video Item Options" in Adding a gallery to your document.

For further information please also have a look at: Adding a gallery to your document.