Customize Document Rendering

There are various render options to customize how a document is rendered and displayed on screen. Take a look at all the different PSPDFRenderOptions you can customize. To apply any custom render options to your document you can use the updateRenderOptions:type: method on PSPDFDocument.

Customize appearance of forms

To customize the appearance of form elements in a document and style them in a different color, you can set the PSPDFRenderOptionInteractiveFormFillColorKey.

To make form elements invisible, but still editable, you can use something like this:

document.updateRenderOptions([PSPDFRenderOption.interactiveFormFillColorKey: UIColor.clear], type:PSPDFRenderType.all)
[document updateRenderOptions: @{PSPDFRenderOptionInteractiveFormFillColorKey: UIColor.clearColor} type:PSPDFRenderTypeAll];