Detailed Feature Breakdown

To see which OS versions are supported by which versions of PSPDFKit, check out this page.

PDF File Format Support

  • PDF 1.0–PDF 1.7 (PDF Revision 1.8, Acrobat 9) and ISO PDF (ISO 32000)

  • Compression filters: JPEG/JPEG2000, JBIG2, CCITT Fax, and Flate/PNG

  • Rasterizing the whole page or subsets thereof

  • Printing using the Android printer framework (available from Android API 19 onward)

  • Full transparency support (transparency groups, soft masks, all supported blend modes)

  • Limited ability to work with corrupt PDF documents (e.g. broken cross references)

Content Extraction

  • Text can be extracted as Unicode.

  • Horizontal text can be selected, unless it’s an image or pure path vector data.


Available for: iOS, Android, Web, Windows

  • Fluid PDF Viewing

  • Thumbnails

  • Smart Zoom

  • Outline

  • Bookmarks


Available for: iOS, Android, Web, Windows, macOS

  • Annotation toolbar for convenient annotation creation

  • Annotation inspector for annotation editing

  • Note window for adding notes to annotations

  • Common Annotation Types: Link, Highlight, Strikeout, Underline, Squiggly, Free Text, Ink, Square, Circle, Line, Note, Stamp, Caret, Widget, Polygon, Polyline

  • Specialized Annotation Types: Redaction, File, Sound (iOS and Android only)

  • Video Annotation Types: Rich Media, Screen (iOS and Android only — reading, no creation)

  • Unsupported: Popup, Watermark, TrapNet, ThreeDimensional

  • Annotation rotation for Image, Stamp, and Free Text annotations (iOS and Android only)

  • Storing Annotation Signatures (iOS and Android only)

  • Full Model API access


Available for: iOS, Android, Web, Windows, macOS

  • Support for PDF AcroForms

  • Web Submission Support

  • Keyboard assisting form toolbar for Prev, Next, Clear, Done (iOS and Android only)

  • Full Model API access

Digital Signatures

Available for: iOS, Android, macOS

  • Supported signing algorithms are: RSA, ECDSA

  • Supported hashing algorithms include: MD4, MD5, SHA-2 (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA-512-256)

  • Convenient User Inferface for signing (iOS and Android only)

  • Signature Validation

  • Customizing Digital Signature Appearances

  • Biometric Signatures

  • Creating a Custom Signer using your own encryption (iOS only)

  • Contained Digital Signatures workflow

  • Full model API access

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS

  • SQLite-based search index using FTS5

  • Support for different tokenizer: Porter, Unicode61

  • Prefix and (optional) postfix word matching

  • Full model API access

Document Editor

Available for: iOS, Android, macOS. Coming soon for Web and Windows. Model API available for Windows.

  • Splitting documents

  • Merging documents

  • Adding new pages (choose from various patterns or a blank page)

  • Removing pages

  • Moving/rearranging pages

  • Rotating pages

  • Full Model API access


Available for: iOS, Android, macOS.

  • See flattened note threads

  • Review states

  • Full model API access

Image Documents

Available for: iOS, Android, macOS. Coming soon for Web and Windows.

  • Support for JPG and PNG

  • Non-destructive editing

  • Open file format

  • Full model API access


Available for: iOS, Android, macOS.

  • Flexible content selection for text or free range

  • Inspector for style adjustments

  • Comment and Approve

  • Commit Redaction

  • Full model API access


Available for: iOS, Android, macOS. Coming soon for Web and Windows.

  • Colorize paths

  • Combining two or more designs using different blend modes.

  • Full model API access


Available for: iOS, Android, macOS, Web.

  • Effortless multi-user data synchronization

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Secure authentication using industry-standard JWT

  • Self-hosted

PDF Metadata

  • PDF metadata is exposed as a dictionary.

  • PDF outline/table of contents is exposed as a custom tree.

  • PDF page label data is exposed as strings.

  • PDF actions are exposed.

  • PDF annotations are exposed as regular objects.

  • PDF form elements are exposed as regular objects/trees.

All of these objects can be programmatically created or modified. PSPDFKit can save annotations back into the PDF (if that component is licensed) and fill out forms.


  • Support for Standard PDF security handler (40- and 128-bit RC4)

  • Support for AES-128 and AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption

  • Data providers for plugging in custom encryption handlers

  • Default UI for requesting passwords

  • Exposing document permission flags

  • Respecting document permissions (e.g. disable printing or text selection)

For additional security information, see our article on SDK security.