Version Support

PSPDFKit runs on Android devices with:

  • Android 4.4 or newer / API level 19 or higher.
  • 32-bit or 64-bit ARM (armeabi-v7a with NEON / arm64-v8a) or 32-bit or 64-bit Intel x86 CPU.

For development, you will need:

  • Android Studio 3.2 or newer (or any other editor/IDE/build chain that supports Gradle).
  • To set your targetSdkVersion to 28.

We reevaluate the minimum Android version from time to time based on Google’s device statistics. As of September 2018, with supporting Android 4.4, you cover more than 96.4 percent of all devices on the market. See Mixpanel Android OS versions and the Android version distribution history for more information.

AndroidX Support

Starting with version 5 of PSPDFKit for Android, we fully support the new AndroidX libraries of the Android Jetpack using Jetifier for the automated migration. This means that PSPDFKit is fully compatible with any app already using the newer AndroidX libraries.