About PSPDFKit Instant for iOS

With Instant, it’s easier than ever to add real-time collaboration features to your PSPDFKit-powered app, allowing your users to seamlessly share, edit and annotate PDF documents across iOS, Android and Web apps. Read more in the Overview guide.

At a Glance

Read more in the Usage guide.


See the Getting Started guide for a step-by-step guide to integrating Instant.


Instant is commercially licensed. Contact us at Copyright © 2010-2017 PSPDFKit GmbH.


Feel free to submit a support ticket if you have any questions or bug reports.

  • The entry point to Instant, representing a client that can connect to PSPDFKit Server.

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    @interface PSPDFInstantClient : NSObject


    class PSPDFInstantClient : NSObject
  • A PSPDFInstantDocumentDescriptor represents a document managed by Instant and may be used to download a local copy of the document to show to the user.

    Instant manages downloading and storing the PDF files, and synchronizes annotations automatically.

    Instances must not be created directly, but instead obtained from a PSPDFInstantClient, which also keeps the instances it creates alive.

    Notifications are posted for events, with the document descriptor as the object. For a convenient alternative API see PSPDFInstantClientDelegate.

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    @protocol PSPDFInstantDocumentDescriptor <NSObject>


    protocol PSPDFInstantDocumentDescriptor : NSObjectProtocol