• This class allows a transparent decryption of AES256 encrypted files using the RNCryptor file format https://github.com/rnapier/RNCryptor/wiki/Data-Format Legacy PSPDFKit old file format is also supported. Use the provided encryption tool to prepare your documents.

    Ensure your passphrase/salt are also protected within the binary, or at least obfuscated. Encryption marginally slows down rendering, since everything is decrypted on the fly.

    If saving annotations to a file managed by a PSPDFAESCryptoDataProvider, the whole file will be re-written.


    The initializers will return nil if the strong encryption feature is not enabled, or if you pass an invalid parameter configuration.
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    @interface PSPDFAESCryptoDataProvider : NSObject <PSPDFFileDataProviding>


    class PSPDFAESCryptoDataProvider : NSObject, PSPDFFileDataProviding