@interface PSPDFXFDFAnnotationProvider : PSPDFContainerAnnotationProvider


class XFDFAnnotationProvider : PDFContainerAnnotationProvider

Concrete implementation of the PSPDFAnnotationProvider protocol that uses a XFDF file as a source.

The XFDF file needs to be local and in a writable location, not on a web server. This annotation provider handles data form fields according to the XFDF spec: “An XFDF file with form data contains form field names and values. When importing XFDF into Acrobat, the target PDF file must already contain the form fields. Importing XFDF updates the form field values in the PDF file. Exporting to XFDF puts the current value of the field in the value element. Using XFDF, it is not possible to create a new form field in a PDF document, or change anything other than the value of an existing form field.” It complements an existing data form fields from PDF with values from the XFDF file. If data form field value is not found in the XFDF file it will be served by this provider with the default value.

If you use XFDF to fill out form elements, you will want to keep both the file annotation provider and the xfdf provider around, using following order: annotationProviders = [xfdfProvider, fileProvider]. Without the fileProvider, form elements will not be found. (In versions of PSPDFKit earlier than 7.5, we did that somewhat magically. This requirement has now been made explicit.)


Requires the Features.annotationEditing feature flag.


If an error occurs when attaching a parsed annotation a document, the error is logged and the annotation is skipped.


If the XFDF contains annotations with page indices beyond the length of the document, then warnings will be logged and those annotations will be skipped.