@interface PSPDFPageGrabber : UIView

The page grabber is a view that provides an area on the screen where the user can swipe their finger to quickly skim through the pages.

The page grabber itself is fully transparent, the knob the user can touch and drag around is represented by its grabberView property.

  • A custom view that should be used to visualize the grabber.

    If you specify your own view here, its size is used to calculate the size of the page grabber ortogonal to its moving direction. The direction of movement is always of variable size and is set to fit the user interface view it is displayed in.



    @property (assign, readwrite, nonatomic)
        UIView<PSPDFPageGrabberView> *_Nonnull grabberView;
  • The current sate. YES if the user is touching the page grabber, NO if not.



    @property (readonly, getter=isGrabbing, nonatomic) BOOL grabbing;


    var grabbing: Int32 { get }