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PdfStandardFont Enumeration
In This Topic
A complete set of 14 standard fonts (Standard Type 1 Fonts) that can be used without prior definition.
Public Enum PdfStandardFont 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum PdfStandardFont : System.Enum 
public enum PdfStandardFont = class(System.Enum)
public enum PdfStandardFont extends System.Enum
__value public enum PdfStandardFont : public System.Enum 
public enum class PdfStandardFont : public System.Enum 
PdfStandardFontCourier1Font with the standard name Courier, the alternative name is CourierNew.
PdfStandardFontCourierBold3Font with the standard name Courier-Bold, the alternative name is CourierNew,Bold.
PdfStandardFontCourierBoldOblique4Font with the standard name Courier-BoldOblique, the alternative name is CourierNew,BoldItalic.
PdfStandardFontCourierOblique2Font with the standard name Courier-Oblique, the alternative name is CourierNew,Italic.
PdfStandardFontHelvetica5Font with the standard name Helvetica, the alternative name is Arial.
PdfStandardFontHelveticaBold7Font with the standard name Helvetica-Bold, the alternative name is Arial,Bold.
PdfStandardFontHelveticaBoldOblique8Font with the standard name Helvetica-BoldOblique, the alternative name is Arial,BoldItalic.
PdfStandardFontHelveticaOblique6Font with the standard name Helvetica-Oblique, the alternative name is Arial,Italic.
PdfStandardFontSymbol13Font with the standard name Symbol, no alternative name exists.
PdfStandardFontTimesBold11Font with the standard name Times-Bold, the alternative name is TimesNewRoman,Bold.
PdfStandardFontTimesBoldItalic12Font with the standard name Times-BoldItalic, the alternative name is TimesNewRoman,BoldItalic.
PdfStandardFontTimesItalic10Font with the standard name Times-Italic, the alternative name is TimesNewRoman,Italic.
PdfStandardFontTimesRoman9Font with the standard name Times-Roman, the alternative name is TimesNewRoman.
PdfStandardFontZapfDingbats14Font with the standard name ZapfDingbats, no alternative name exists.
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