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PdfLineCapStyle Enumeration
In This Topic
Specifies the shape to be used at the ends of open subpaths (and dashes, if any) when they are stroked.
Public Enum PdfLineCapStyle 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum PdfLineCapStyle : System.Enum 
public enum PdfLineCapStyle = class(System.Enum)
public enum PdfLineCapStyle extends System.Enum
__value public enum PdfLineCapStyle : public System.Enum 
public enum class PdfLineCapStyle : public System.Enum 
PdfLineCapStyleButt0Butt cap. The stroke is squared off at the endpoint of the path. There is no projection beyond the end of the path.
PdfLineCapStyleProjectingSquare2Projecting square cap. The stroke continues beyond the endpoint of the path for a distance equal to half the line width and is squared off.
PdfLineCapStyleRound1Round cap. A semicircular arc with a diameter equal to the line width is drawn around the endpoint and filled in.
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