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In This Topic
PrintFit Method (GdPicturePDF)
In This Topic
Prints the currently loaded PDF document to the active printer. The size of the document's pages is automatically adjusted to the actual paper size.
Public Function PrintFit() As GdPictureStatus
public GdPictureStatus PrintFit()
public function PrintFit(): GdPictureStatus; 
public function PrintFit() : GdPictureStatus;
public: GdPictureStatus PrintFit(); 
GdPictureStatus PrintFit(); 

Return Value

A member of the GdPictureStatus enumeration. If the method has been successfully followed, then the return value is GdPictureStatus.OK.

We strongly recommend always checking this status first.

Please note that you can use the PrintGetStat method to identify the specific reason for the printing failure.

You also need to be aware that annotations and form fields included in the document are rendered by default using this method when printing.

Just to inform you, that sometimes pages in the PDF document may have defined their internal rotation, which causes them to be unexpectedly rotated when printing. Then you need to use the NormalizePage method for each such page to remove that rotation. You can also use the GetPageRotation method to find out if the page should be rotated when printed.

How to print the current document so the document's pages are adjusted to the specified paper size.
Dim caption As String = "Example: PrintFit"
Using gdpicturePDF As New GdPicturePDF()
    If gdpicturePDF.LoadFromFile("document_to_print.pdf", False) = GdPictureStatus.OK Then
        Dim ps As New System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize("My Custom Size", 850, 1100)
        If gdpicturePDF.PrintFit() = GdPictureStatus.OK Then
            MessageBox.Show("The file has been printed successfully.", caption)
            Dim message As String = "The file can't be printed." + vbCrLf + "Status: " + gdpicturePDF.PrintGetStat().ToString()
            If gdpicturePDF.PrintGetStat() = GdPictureStatus.PrintingException Then
                message = message + "    Error: " + gdpicturePDF.PrintGetLastError()
            End If
            MessageBox.Show(message, caption)
        End If
        MessageBox.Show("The file can't be loaded. Status: " + gdpicturePDF.GetStat().ToString(), caption)
    End If
End Using
string caption = "Example: PrintFit";
using (GdPicturePDF gdpicturePDF = new GdPicturePDF())
    if (gdpicturePDF.LoadFromFile("document_to_print.pdf", false) == GdPictureStatus.OK)
        System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize ps = new System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize("My Custom Size", 850, 1100);
        if (gdpicturePDF.PrintFit() == GdPictureStatus.OK)
            MessageBox.Show("The file has been printed successfully.", caption);
            string message = "The file can't be printed.\nStatus: " + gdpicturePDF.PrintGetStat().ToString();
            if (gdpicturePDF.PrintGetStat() == GdPictureStatus.PrintingException)
                message = message + "    Error: " + gdpicturePDF.PrintGetLastError();
            MessageBox.Show(message, caption);
        MessageBox.Show("The file can't be loaded. Status: " + gdpicturePDF.GetStat().ToString(), caption);
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