GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureOCR Class / LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords Property

In This Topic
LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords Property (GdPictureOCR)
In This Topic
Specifies the penalty applied by the engine to all words, that are not listed in the frequent words dictionary (freq_dawg wordlist).

It must be a value within the interval from 0 to 1.

Public Property LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords As Double
public double LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords {get; set;}
public read-write property LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords: Double; 
public function get,set LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords : double
public: __property double get_LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords();
public: __property void set_LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords( 
   double value
property double LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords {
   double get();
   void set (    double value);

Property Value

The default value is 0.1F.
How to change the penalty value.
Using gdpictureOCR As GdPictureOCR = New GdPictureOCR()
    gdpictureOCR.LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords = 0.25F
    'You can do your another stuff with gdpictureOCR here.
End Using
using (GdPictureOCR gdpictureOCR = new GdPictureOCR())
    gdpictureOCR.LanguageModelPenaltyNonFreqDictWords = 0.25F;
    //You can do your another stuff with gdpictureOCR here.
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