GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureImaging Class / WiaTakePictureToGdPictureImage Method

In This Topic
WiaTakePictureToGdPictureImage Method (GdPictureImaging)
In This Topic
Asks the currently selected Data Source to acquire an image, the return it as a GdPicture image. This method should be used with camera only.
Public Function WiaTakePictureToGdPictureImage() As Integer
public int WiaTakePictureToGdPictureImage()
public function WiaTakePictureToGdPictureImage(): Integer; 
public function WiaTakePictureToGdPictureImage() : int;
public: int WiaTakePictureToGdPictureImage(); 
int WiaTakePictureToGdPictureImage(); 

Return Value

0: The image could not created. Use the GetStat() and WiaGetLastError() methods for diagnosing the error. Non-zero: GdPicture image identifier. The created image. The ReleaseGdPictureImage() method must be subsequently used to release the image from the memory.
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