GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureImaging Class / ADRGetTemplateCount Method

In This Topic
ADRGetTemplateCount Method (GdPictureImaging)
In This Topic
Returns the current number of Document Identifier Templates.
Public Function ADRGetTemplateCount() As Integer
public int ADRGetTemplateCount()
public function ADRGetTemplateCount(): Integer; 
public function ADRGetTemplateCount() : int;
public: int ADRGetTemplateCount(); 
int ADRGetTemplateCount(); 

Return Value

The number of document identifier templates.
Creating two templates and renaming a file using the name of the template which has the best similar content.
using (GdPictureImaging gdpictureImaging = new GdPictureImaging())
    // Create a template "A".
    int templateID = gdpictureImaging.ADRCreateTemplateFromFile(@"templateA.tif");
    gdpictureImaging.ADRSetTemplateTag(templateID, "TemplateA");
    // Create a template "B".
    templateID = gdpictureImaging.ADRCreateTemplateFromFile(@"templateB.tif");
    gdpictureImaging.ADRSetTemplateTag(templateID, "TemplateB");
    // Identify the template which has the best similar content and change the file name accordingly.
    templateID = gdpictureImaging.ADRGetCloserTemplateForFile("image.tif");
    string templateName = gdpictureImaging.ADRGetTemplateTag(templateID);
    File.Move("image.tif", templateName + "_image.tif");
    // Deletes all document identifier templates.
    int templateCount = gdpictureImaging.ADRGetTemplateCount();
    for (int i = 1; i <= templateCount; i++)
        templateID = gdpictureImaging.ADRGetTemplateID(1);
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