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WiaStatus Enumeration
In This Topic
Identifies the status of the currently executed operation using WIA.
Public Enum WiaStatus 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum WiaStatus : System.Enum 
public enum WiaStatus = class(System.Enum)
public enum WiaStatus extends System.Enum
__value public enum WiaStatus : public System.Enum 
public enum class WiaStatus : public System.Enum 
WIA_CAN_NOT_GET_VALUE51 Cannot get the specified value.
WIA_CAN_NOT_SET_VALUE50 Cannot set the specified value.
WIA_ERROR_BUSY6 The WIA device is busy.
WIA_ERROR_COVER_OPEN16 One or more of the device’s cover is open.
WIA_ERROR_DEVICE_COMMUNICATION10 An unspecified error occurred during an attempted communication with the WIA device.
WIA_ERROR_DEVICE_LOCKED13 The scanner head is locked.
WIA_ERROR_EXCEPTION_IN_DRIVER14 The device driver threw an exception.
WIA_ERROR_GENERAL_ERROR1 An unknown error has occurred with the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) device.
WIA_ERROR_INCORRECT_HARDWARE_SETTING12 There is an incorrect setting on the WIA device.
WIA_ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND11 The device does not support this command.
WIA_ERROR_INVALID_DRIVER_RESPONSE15 The response from the driver is invalid.
WIA_ERROR_ITEM_DELETED9 The WIA device was deleted. It can no longer be accessed.
WIA_ERROR_LAMP_OFF17 The scanner's lamp is off.
WIA_ERROR_MAXIMUM_PRINTER_ENDORSER_COUNTER18 A scan job was interrupted because an Imprinter/Endorser item reached the maximum valid value for WIA_IPS_PRINTER_ENDORSER_COUNTER, and was reset to 0. This feature is available with Windows 8 and later versions of Windows
WIA_ERROR_MULTI_FEED19 A scan error occurred because of a multiple page feed condition. This feature is available with Windows 8 and later versions of Windows.
WIA_ERROR_OFFLINE5 The WIA device is not online.
WIA_ERROR_PAPER_EMPTY3 The user requested a scan and there are no documents left in the document feeder.
WIA_ERROR_PAPER_JAM2 Paper is jammed in the scanner's document feeder.
WIA_ERROR_PAPER_PROBLEM4 An unspecified problem occurred with the scanner's document feeder.
WIA_ERROR_USER_INTERVENTION8 An unspecified error has occurred with the WIA device that requires user intervention. The user should ensure that the device is turned on, online, and any cables are properly connected.
WIA_ERROR_WARMING_UP7 The WIA device is warming up.
WIA_GENERIC_ERROR100 An unknown error has occurred out of the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) device.
WIA_OK0 The executed method has been successfully followed, that is without any errors. All right !
WIA_OPEN_SOURCE_FIRST30 No WIA device is open.
WIA_OPERATION_CANCELLED31 Operation canceled.
WIA_OUTPUT_FILE_EXISTS33 Output file already exists.
WIA_S_NO_DEVICE_AVAILABLE21 No WIA device of the selected type is available.
WIA_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE60 The feature is not supported by the selected device.
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