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TwainConditionCode Enumeration
In This Topic
Public Enum TwainConditionCode 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum TwainConditionCode : System.Enum 
public enum TwainConditionCode = class(System.Enum)
public enum TwainConditionCode extends System.Enum
__value public enum TwainConditionCode : public System.Enum 
public enum class TwainConditionCode : public System.Enum 
TWCC_BADCAP6 Unknown capability.
TWCC_BADDEST12 Unknown destination Application/Source in DSM_Entry.
TWCC_BADPROTOCOL9 Unrecognized MSG DG DAT combination.
TWCC_BADVALUE10 Data parameter out of range.
TWCC_BUMMER1 Failure due to unknown causes.
TWCC_CAPBADOPERATION14 Operation not supported by capability.
TWCC_CAPSEQERROR15 Capability has dependancy on other capability.
TWCC_CAPUNSUPPORTED13 Capability not supported by source.
TWCC_CHECKDEVICEONLINE23 Device seems to be offline.
TWCC_DAMAGEDCORNER25 Document has a damaged corner.
TWCC_DENIED16 File System operation is denied (file is protected).
TWCC_DOCTOODARK28 Document is too dark.
TWCC_DOCTOOLIGHT27 Document is too light.
TWCC_FILEEXISTS17 Operation failed because file already exists.
TWCC_FILENOTFOUND18 File not found.
TWCC_FILEWRITEERROR22 Error writing the file (meant for things like disk full conditions).
TWCC_FOCUSERROR26 Focusing error during document capture.
TWCC_INTERLOCK24 Cover or door is open.
TWCC_LOWMEMORY2 Not enough memory to perform operation.
TWCC_MAXCONNECTIONS4 DS is connected to max possible applications.
TWCC_NODS3 No Data Source.
TWCC_NOMEDIA29 No Media...
TWCC_NOTEMPTY19 Operation failed because directory is not empty.
TWCC_OPERATIONERROR5 DS or DSM reported error, application shouldn't.
TWCC_PAPERDOUBLEFEED21 The feeder detected multiple pages.
TWCC_PAPERJAM20 The feeder is jammed.
TWCC_SEQERROR11 DG DAT MSG out of expected sequence.
TWCC_SUCCESS0 It worked!
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