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OCRContext Enumeration
In This Topic
Specifies the OCR context, i.e. the layout type of the data, you want to process using the OCR.
Public Enum OCRContext 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum OCRContext : System.Enum 
public enum OCRContext = class(System.Enum)
public enum OCRContext extends System.Enum
__value public enum OCRContext : public System.Enum 
public enum class OCRContext : public System.Enum 
OCRContextDocument0For document with variable layout with lines, text or/and images. Recommended and used as the default value.
OCRContextRawLine9Treat the image as a single text line, bypassing hacks that are Tesseract-specific.
OCRContextSegmentationOnly10Do only the segmentation. Do not recognize any character.
OCRContextSingleBlock2For document with single uniform block of text.
OCRContextSingleBlockVertical3For document with single uniform block of vertically aligned text.
OCRContextSingleChar7For single character image.
OCRContextSingleColumn1For single column of text of variable sizes.
OCRContextSingleLine4For single text line image.
OCRContextSingleWord5For single word image.
OCRContextSingleWordCircle6For single word in a circle image.
OCRContextSparseText8Find as much text as possible in no particular order.
OCRContextUnspecified-1 For internal purpose only. Do not use.
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