GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureOCR Class / ResourcesFolder Property

In This Topic
ResourcesFolder Property (GdPictureOCR)
In This Topic
Specifies the path to the directory containing the engine resources (mostly dictionaries).
Public Property ResourcesFolder As String
public string ResourcesFolder {get; set;}
public read-write property ResourcesFolder: String; 
public function get,set ResourcesFolder : String
public: __property string* get_ResourcesFolder();
public: __property void set_ResourcesFolder( 
   string* value
property String^ ResourcesFolder {
   String^ get();
   void set (    String^ value);

Property Value

The default value is an empty string.
The proper path is usually within your standard installation and it looks like @\GdPicture.Net 14\redist\OCR. Of course you can specify your own path as well.
How to specify the correct path to OCR dictionaries.
Using gdpictureOCR As GdPictureOCR = New GdPictureOCR()
    gdpictureOCR.ResourcesFolder = "\GdPicture.Net 14\redist\OCR"
    'You can do your another stuff with gdpictureOCR here.
End Using
using (GdPictureOCR gdpictureOCR = new GdPictureOCR())
    gdpictureOCR.ResourcesFolder = "\\GdPicture.Net 14\\redist\\OCR";
    //You can do your another stuff with gdpictureOCR here.
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