GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureOCR Class / MaxCharHeight Property

In This Topic
MaxCharHeight Property (GdPictureOCR)
In This Topic
Specifies the maximal accepted height, in pixels, for each recognized character.
Public Property MaxCharHeight As Integer
public int MaxCharHeight {get; set;}
public read-write property MaxCharHeight: Integer; 
public function get,set MaxCharHeight : int
public: __property int get_MaxCharHeight();
public: __property void set_MaxCharHeight( 
   int value
property int MaxCharHeight {
   int get();
   void set (    int value);

Property Value

The default valus is 0, means no limit is used.
How to define the required maximal height of a recognized character.
Using gdpictureOCR As GdPictureOCR = New GdPictureOCR()
    gdpictureOCR.MaxCharHeight = 100
    'You can do your another stuff with gdpictureOCR here.
End Using
using (GdPictureOCR gdpictureOCR = new GdPictureOCR())
    gdpictureOCR.MaxCharHeight = 100;
    //You can do your another stuff with gdpictureOCR here.
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