GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureImaging Class / Dispose() Method

In This Topic
Dispose() Method
In This Topic
Disposes already used GdPictureImaging object completely. All related resources used by this object are released.

Be aware, that all unreleased images (GdPicture images) allocated by this object will remain available in the memory until they are destroyed by the GdPictureImaging.ReleaseGdPictureImage method of any other GdPictureImaging object. You can also use the GdPictureDocumentUtilities.ReleaseAllGdPictureImages method to destroy all allocated image resources from the memory in one step.

Public Sub Dispose() 
public void Dispose()
public procedure Dispose(); 
public function Dispose();
public: void Dispose(); 
void Dispose(); 
Please note that you need to release all allocated image resources after being used.
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