GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureDocumentConverter Class / HtmlPreferCSSPageSize Property

In This Topic
HtmlPreferCSSPageSize Property (GdPictureDocumentConverter)
In This Topic
Give any CSS @page size declared in the page priority over what is declared in HtmlPageWidth and HtmlPageHeight. If set to false, the renderer will scale the content to fit the paper size.
Public Property HtmlPreferCSSPageSize As Boolean
public bool HtmlPreferCSSPageSize {get; set;}
public read-write property HtmlPreferCSSPageSize: Boolean; 
public function get,set HtmlPreferCSSPageSize : boolean
public: __property bool get_HtmlPreferCSSPageSize();
public: __property void set_HtmlPreferCSSPageSize( 
   bool value
property bool HtmlPreferCSSPageSize {
   bool get();
   void set (    bool value);

Property Value

The default value is false.
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