GdPicture14 Namespace / GdPictureDocumentConverter Class / HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments Property

In This Topic
HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments Property (GdPictureDocumentConverter)
In This Topic
Specify additionnals flags or settings to browser instance at process creation time.
Public Property HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments As String()
public string[] HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments {get; set;}
public read-write property HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments: array of String; 
public function get,set HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments : String[]
public: __property string*[]* get_HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments();
public: __property void set_HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments( 
   string*[][]* value
property array<String^>^ HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments {
   array<String^>^ get();
   void set (    array<String^>^ value);

Property Value

The default value is null
using GdPictureDocumentConverter conv = new(); conv.HTMLDefaultBrowserStartupArguments = new[] { "--no-sandbox", "--accept-lang=fr-fr" }; conv.HtmlPageHeight = 1200; conv.HtmlPageWidth = 700; var st = conv.LoadFromHttp(new Uri("")); if (st != GdPictureStatus.OK) { throw new Exception("Convert from http Failed !"); } st = conv.SaveAsPDF(TestFiles.pdfHttpOutput); if (st != GdPictureStatus.OK) { throw new Exception("Saved from http Failed !"); }
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