Package Index

com.pspdfkit Top level library package. Analytics API provides insight on framework usage.
com.pspdfkit.annotations Annotation API (with all available annotation types).
com.pspdfkit.annotations.actions Actions define what happens when you click an annotation, and outline item, etc.
com.pspdfkit.annotations.defaults Annotation editing defaults and preferences.
com.pspdfkit.annotations.signatures Ink signatures API.
com.pspdfkit.annotations.stamps Stamps API.
com.pspdfkit.bookmarks Bookmarks API.
com.pspdfkit.configuration Configuration classes for theming activities and views, tweaking the renderer, etc.
com.pspdfkit.configuration.activity Configuration of the PdfActivity.
com.pspdfkit.configuration.annotations Annotation editing configuration.
com.pspdfkit.configuration.forms Forms editing configuration. Page and document configuration (direction, fitting, scroll modes).
com.pspdfkit.configuration.policy Configuration for application policy.
com.pspdfkit.configuration.rendering Renderer configuration (for annotations and pages). Search configuration (for search UI).
com.pspdfkit.configuration.theming View styles and themes configurations.
com.pspdfkit.datastructures Custom PSPDFKit datastructures.
com.pspdfkit.document PDF document API (classes for accessing document content and meta-data).
com.pspdfkit.document.datastore Per-document datastore API. Document download API. DownloadSource interface and implementations.
com.pspdfkit.document.image Picking and capturing images from gallery and camera.
com.pspdfkit.document.library Full-text search API.
com.pspdfkit.document.printing Document printing support.
com.pspdfkit.document.processor Document manipulation, annotation flattening, page extraction, etc.
com.pspdfkit.document.providers DataProvider interface (and common implementations) for loading PDF documents from arbitrary sources. Search related classes.
com.pspdfkit.document.sharing PDF sharing support. PSPDFKit event system.
com.pspdfkit.exceptions Exception types like PSPDFKitException and all of its subtypes.
com.pspdfkit.forms Interactive forms API.
com.pspdfkit.listeners Listeners and callbacks for hooking into PSPDFKit.
com.pspdfkit.listeners.scrolling Scrolling and scrollbar event listeners. Inline media classes (galleries, videos, etc.).
com.pspdfkit.preferences Contains persistent framework settings.
com.pspdfkit.ui UI components (activities, fragments and views).
com.pspdfkit.ui.actionmenu Bottom sheet action menus.
com.pspdfkit.ui.dialog Dialogs and modals.
com.pspdfkit.ui.drawable API for drawing content on pages using the PdfDrawable.
com.pspdfkit.ui.editor Custom views and tools for editing annoations.
com.pspdfkit.ui.forms Custom views and tools for editing forms.
com.pspdfkit.ui.inspector Property inspector.
com.pspdfkit.ui.inspector.annotation Annotation inspector controllers.
com.pspdfkit.ui.inspector.forms Form inspector.
com.pspdfkit.ui.inspector.views Views supported in property inspector.
com.pspdfkit.ui.outline Outline list related classes.
com.pspdfkit.ui.scrollbar Custom scrollbar widgets. Search views and listeners, search result highlighter.
com.pspdfkit.ui.special_mode.controller Controllers for special document editing modes.
com.pspdfkit.ui.special_mode.controller.base Base classes for special mode controllers.
com.pspdfkit.ui.special_mode.manager Interfaces for custom implementation of special mode handling.
com.pspdfkit.ui.toolbar Editing action bar / toolbar and supporting classes.
com.pspdfkit.ui.toolbar.grouping Editing action bar / toolbar grouping classes and tools.
com.pspdfkit.ui.toolbar.rx RxJava support classes for the ContextualToolbar.
com.pspdfkit.utils Common utility classes for working with PSPDFKit.