Digital signatures.


DocumentSignatureInfo Contains information about signatures of a document. 


BiometricSignatureData Biometric data of a Signature
BiometricSignatureData.Builder Builder for BiometricSignatureData
DigitalSignatureInfo A digital signature stored inside a PDF document. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.BuildData Build data dictionary of a software that created the digital signature. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.Reference Signature reference dictionary. 
DigitalSignatureValidationResult Detailed status about validity of a DigitalSignatureInfo
DigitalSignatureValidator Validates digital signatures. 
Signature Represents a single signature (or signature item). 
SignatureManager Handles digital signature certificates. 


BiometricSignatureData.InputMethod Types of input devices that for creating a signature. 
DigitalSignatureInfo.ReferenceTransformMethod List of possible transformation methods of a DigitalSignatureInfo.Reference
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.CertificateStatus Status of the certificate that was used for signing the document. 
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.DocumentIntegrityStatus Status of the signed document. 
DigitalSignatureValidationResult.ValidationProblem Problems that prevented proper validation of a signature. 
EncryptionAlgorithm Encryption algorithm used for digitally signing a PDF. 
HashAlgorithm Hash algorithm for digesting PDF data as part of a digital signing process. 
SigningStatus Result of signing operation. 
ValidationStatus Represents overall validation status. 


SigningFailedException Thrown by Signer when signing of a document failed.