PDF document API (classes for accessing document content and meta-data).


DocumentActionListener Handles PDF actions triggered inside the PDF document - these are usually things like button presses, form submission, etc. 
ImageDocument An image document. 
PdfDocument A PDF document. 


DocumentSaveOptions Configures options for saving a document. 
DocumentSource Represents a document source which may be a DataProvider or a file Uri. 
ImageDocumentLoader Helper class for loading ImageDocument from a DocumentSource
ImageDocumentUtils Collection of helper methods for working with ImageDocuments. 
OutlineElement A document outline element (or "table of contents entry"), usually the header of a chapter. 
PdfDocumentLoader Provides methods to obtain PdfDocument instances. 
PdfValue This represents a value stored inside a PDF document stream. 


DocumentPermissions A set of flags specifying which operations shall be permitted when the document is opened with user access. 
PdfBox Types of supported PDF page boxes. 
PdfValue.PdfValueType Type of a value stored in the PDF document stream. 
PdfVersion PDF versions supported by PSPDFKit.