public interface


Known Indirect Subclasses

This interface is deprecated.
Replaced by AnnotationConfiguration.

Class Overview

Provides default values for created annotations.


Public Methods
abstract boolean forceDefaults()

Enforce provided annotation defaults.

abstract EnumSet<AnnotationProperty> getSupportedProperties()
Control which annotation properties are enabled for this annotation type.

Public Methods

public abstract boolean forceDefaults ()

Enforce provided annotation defaults. By default last picked values are used when creating annotations. Values from AnnotationDefaultsProvider are used only when last used value is not available.

For example getDefaultColor() is used only when creating annotation of given type for the first time, all annotation created after that are created with last used color.


public abstract EnumSet<AnnotationProperty> getSupportedProperties ()

Control which annotation properties are enabled for this annotation type. This is used to customize annotation inspector contents. Property can be editable in annotation inspector when its returned by this method and annotation defaults provider implements required interface. For example to enable editing annotation color property, this method must return COLOR and annotation defaults provider must implement AnnotationDefaultsColorProvider.

  • Enum set of all supported annotation properties.