Editing action bar / toolbar and supporting classes.


AnnotationCreationToolbar.ItemToAnnotationToolMapper A mapper that allows you to map the IDs of AnnotationCreationToolbar menu items with the annotation tool (and variant) you want it to activate/deactivate. 
ContextualToolbar.OnMenuItemClickListener Listener for menu items clicks. 
ContextualToolbar.OnMenuItemLongClickListener Listener for long clicks on menu items with submenu. 
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.OnContextualToolbarLifecycleListener Listener for the lifecycle of the ContextualToolbar as it goes through the ToolbarCoordinatorLayout
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.OnContextualToolbarMovementListener Listener for ContextualToolbar movements inside the ToolbarCoordinatorLayout
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.OnContextualToolbarPositionListener Listener for ContextualToolbar position changes inside the ToolbarCoordinatorLayout
ToolbarCoordinatorLayoutController An interface to be implemented by ToolbarCoordinatorLayout through which other components are enabled to control the toolbar movements, animations, etc. 


AnnotationCreationToolbar A toolbar used for creating annotations. 
AnnotationEditingToolbar Toolbar shown when annotations are being edited. 
ContextualToolbar<T extends SpecialModeController> Base class of all contextual toolbars. 
ContextualToolbarMenuBar This view is a component of contextual toolbar. 
ContextualToolbarMenuItem Represents a single menu item in the ContextualToolbar
ContextualToolbarSubMenu This view is a component of contextual toolbar. 
DocumentEditingToolbar Toolbar for communication with document editing mode. 
MainToolbar Main toolbar of the PdfActivity
TextSelectionToolbar Toolbar displayed on text selection. 
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout This layout is responsible for handling toolbars. 
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.LayoutParams Layout parameters for ContextualToolbars added to ToolbarCoordinatorLayout


ContextualToolbarMenuBar.MenuItemPosition Possible positions for toolbar menu items. 
ContextualToolbarMenuItem.Position Possible positions for toolbar menu items. 
ContextualToolbarMenuItem.SubmenuIndicatorPosition Possible positions for submenu indicator (in those views that have it). 
ToolbarCoordinatorLayout.LayoutParams.Position Possible toolbar positions on the screen.