Controllers for special document editing modes.


AnnotationCreationController Default controller given when entering annotation creation mode. 
AnnotationEditingController Default controller given when entering annotation editing mode. 
AnnotationInspectorController Controller responsible for managing annotation inspector. 
AnnotationSelectionController Controls configurable properties on annotation selection layout that allows touch based editing (i.e. 
DocumentEditingController Default controller for editing PDF pages. 
FormEditingController Default controller given when entering forms editing mode. 
FormElementViewController Controller responsible for interaction between FormEditingController and form element editing views. 
TextSelectionController Default controller given when entering text selection mode. 
TextSelectionController.OnSearchSelectedTextListener Listener invoked when TextSelectionController wants to perform search for the selected text. 


AnnotationToolVariant Annotation tools can have variants represented by the name. 


AnnotationTool All currently supported tools when creating annotations. 
AnnotationToolVariant.Preset Annotation tool variants defined by the framework.