User interface components for signing PDFs.


ElectronicSignatureFragment A dialog for adding a signature to a document by drawing, selecting an image, or typing. 
ElectronicSignatureOptions Options for configuring the ElectronicSignatureFragment
ElectronicSignatureOptions.Builder A helper class used for building the ElectronicSignatureOptions
SignatureInfoDialog Dialog showing information of a digital signature. 
SignatureOptions Options for configuring the SignaturePickerFragment
SignatureOptions.Builder A helper class used for building the SignatureOptions
SignaturePickerFragment The `SignaturePickerFragment` can be used to create ink signatures to add to a document. 
SignatureSignerDialog Dialog for signing a single SignatureFormField using a given Signer
SignatureSignerDialog.Options Collection of all the parameters the SignatureSignerDialog requires. 
SignatureSignerDialog.Options.Builder Allows you to create the SignatureSignerDialog.Options object to pass to the SignatureSignerDialog
SignatureUiData UI data for the newly drawn signature.