User interface components for signing PDFs.


SignaturePickerFragment.OnSignaturePickedListener Listener for notifying whether a user picked a signature or not. 


SignatureInfoDialog Dialog showing information of a digital signature. 
SignatureOptions Options containing parameters for signature dialog UI, more specifically, the SignaturePickerFragment
SignatureOptions.Builder A helper class used for building the SignatureOptions
SignaturePickerFragment A dialog for picking a signature. 
SignaturePickerFragment.SignatureUiData UI data for the newly drawn signature, use onSignatureUiDataCollected(Signature, SignatureUiData) to collect the signature UI. 
SignatureSignerDialog Dialog for signing a single SignatureFormField using a given Signer
SignatureSignerDialog.Options Collection of all the parameters the SignatureSignerDialog requires. 
SignatureSignerDialog.Options.Builder Allows you to create the SignatureSignerDialog.Options object to pass to the SignatureSignerDialog